Why is my chimney leaking?

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Why is my
Chimney leaking?

Whether or not your chimney is leaking is dependent upon a number of factors. Having excessive moisture in your roof can lead to a number of problems detrimental to your chimney and home. When the weather starts to get cooler and you want to use your chimney to warm your home, making sure that everything is working properly is key.


4 Reasons Your Chimney Is Leaking

We are going to look at four main reasons that your chimney is leaking and needs to be fixed. At All About Roofing Co., LLC, we can identify what is going on with your chimney and ways to fix leaks in it. Our team has provided chimney repair and leak services throughout North Carolina including Greensboro, NC, Burlington, NC and Eden, NC.

Fireplace Flashing is Faulty (Torn or Cracked)

Flashing for your fireplace is the material that surrounds the part of your chimney that pokes out of the rooftop. The main goal for your flashing is to prevent water from coming into the chimney and roof. When it is torn or cracked, this allows water to come into the chimney or roof causing problems for your chimney.

Cracks & Deterioration in the Mortar Joints and Bricks

The brick and mortar for your chimney is integral for keeping it together. Over time, with wear and tear from changing weather conditions and nature, these can start to crack and deteriorate. When these crack, it is easier for the water to leak down into the chimney and the bricks causing them to deteriorate.

No Chimney Cover

Without a cover on your chimney, debris such as bugs, leaves, and rain can fall right down into it. When water and other things from nature fall into your chimney this can clog the chimney potentially leading to CO2 poisoning or drafting problems.

Cracks in the Chimney Crown

The cement crown is located at the top of the chimney that is vital for protecting your chimney. This helps to keep the water and rain out of your chimney. When this becomes cracked, it makes it easier for water to seep down into the chimney. This can become cracked due to wear and tear from different weather conditions.

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